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Terms of use
. 1 - Before using this website and its services, "user" includes, you know, accept and also subject to these terms and conditions and privacy policies, which are mandatory; if not agree with them, "user" should not access "the web".
2 -. "Company" reserves the right to add, delete or update some or all the terms and conditions and privacy policies contained in the "web" without cause "user" may contravene these rules, claiming ignorance of them, and it is understood that "user" is responsible for monitoring any changes in the content of the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
. 3 - service "web" is to provide a "user" of varied information content, on advertising, of different brands and / or products. It is necessary to emphasize that "the web" may contain links to other Web sites or portals, without implying owned by "the company" or that there is no society, relationship, approval, support, much less share criteria or opinions expressed in them. "The company" does not market brands or products listed in the "web" and therefore is not responsible for providing or market value thereof.
. 4 - Information on "the web", can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as long as "user" is provided with the hardware (computer with modem or network card), software (operating system and browser) and internet connection required for this purpose. "Company" is not responsible for non-accessibility to the "web" from "user", by hardware, software or Internet service, it may suffer, either by acts of outsiders, acts of God or force majeure not allow the depart internet web, in which case "the company" will make its best efforts to remedy the situation occurred, trying to restore service as soon as possible.
. 5 - General copyrighted designs and operation of "the web", have been transferred to "the company", as well as images, names, text, videos, animations present therein, are protected by copyright author therefore "user" understands and accepts it, you can not copy whole or in part any part of "the web" without infringing the laws of Venezuela.
6 -. "Us" guarantees "the web" has all the security systems, both hardware (firewall, firewalls) and software (antivirus), but still can not guarantee the absence of viruses (Trojans, etc.) that may affect systems "user", therefore it is agreed that the information down "the web" makes his own risk and take all security measures and checks relevant to your computer, as "company" is not responsible for any damage caused by computer viruses mentioned above, from the "web" or links that it contains or links to other pages.
. 7 - Because today is impossible to guarantee non-interference by unauthorized third parties, which would alter the information posted on the web, the accuracy and / or precision of the data, text, images, and in general all the content there posted, can not be guaranteed in full by "the company" and therefore is not responsible for what is published in both the "web" and the other websites that are by links or hyperlinks from itself. In any case where "user" or any unauthorized third party, infect or send viruses by any means, including e-mail, "the web", shall incur civil liability and consequently to be an equity account for the monetary losses caused and even criminal liability, and establish Venezuelan law.
. 8 - Information on "the web" is general in nature and can not be taken as the sole basis for decision-making "user" without asking more specific and other primary sources, therefore any reliance in this material is at your own risk "user". "The company reserves the right to change part or all content of" the web "and therefore" the user "is responsible for monitoring for any alteration or renovation of" the web ".
9.-If "user" send comments, suggestions, ideas for improvement, "the web", or other related information, this information becomes the property for free from "the company" therefore remains released from confidentiality described above and may in its discretion, publish or use any convenient for "web" way and not contrary to law.
10 -. "The web" automatically stores other data on the activity of "the user", such as the URL you came from, to access the URL out of "the web" which browser they are using and the IP address .
11 -. These terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The parties choose as special domicile the City of Caracas, to the jurisdiction of whose courts, agree to submit