Musical recycling. Vinyl, tapes…

Music is and has been our faithful companion for years, so for those music lovers, old vinyl collectors bring a different project for reuse, a bowl made with a vinyl. This craft is made with just three materials, the disc, a kitchen oven and a bowl or can. The first thing to do is place the disc on a tray and place in a preheated oven at 100 ° C, it is necessary to leave it in for a period of time, as this will soften quickly.

After softening the disk, you can place it over a bowl upside down or you can enter it in the bowl, until the sheets are generated, either way you will get an original result. Now if you decide to venture in advanced decoration must make cuts at an angle of 30 degrees from the inner circle to the outer circle, the disc heats up the sheets and you will have great tilted waves.

Another way to reuse that old disk without losing our music is to make it a wall clock using a machine with large needles. The vinyl comes with a hole in the center making our job easier, since all you have to do is pass the hands through the hole and put them in the machine will watch behind the disc. The second step is to secure good and ready, a quick and easy craft.

In case you prefer a grandfather clock, all you have to do is get a wooden cube, give a crack and put the disk center there to keep it standing.

Just as we teach you how to make a clock using your old vinyl, now we bring you a way for you to use cassettes that are now obsolete. You will need, above all, a neon bulb, as this does not produce heat, a wooden base, small screwdriver, electrical connection, glue gun and hot glue. If you have not guess what the project is about, say you will learn how to make a cassettes lamp.

The first thing to do is disarm each audiotape with small screwdriver and put all the plastic parts in a bowl of warm wáter to loosen the labels, leave them submerged for a few hours and carefully take off each adhesive. If any cassettes are too strong glue or printed, use thinner to remove it. Let dry all plastic sheeting and tape gun again.

Electrical connection we can put together with a lamp holder placed vertically in the center of the timber base. Hold the cable clamps, leaving a long end to reach the outlet, now we must shape our screen. Bonds with a silicone gun every cassette over another, in the way you prefer (horizontal, vertical, or a combination of both) and waits for it to dry. Your lamp is now ready.


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